About Portrait Studio Marketing

Most people enter the portrait photography profession because of what I call the "perty pitchure" syndrome; the desire to be able to create beautiful, heart-tugging portraits that make their customers cry.

But all too often, once they jumped headfirst into the quagmire we call small business, they discover that they're hopelessly ill prepared to accomplish their real task - to operate  a financially successful enterprise.   They discover that only about 20% of what they do is actually creating photographs.  The other 80% is spent in all those other tasks, many of which are total mysteries to the artistically oriented entrepreneur.

This website is the implementation of a passion; a passion for helping those in this industry become better marketers and indeed better business people.  It contains the archives of all the articles I've written since 2004, and it continues to grow on a weekly basis.

It also contains recommendations for resources and tools that can help you become a much more successful business person.

Only by actively learning and becoming more knowledgeable and skillful in the marketing and management  area will you ensure that you actually survive to create those "perty pitchures"

I'm glad you found it, and I hope you'll find reading it as beneficial as I find writing it.

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